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November Healing Group


Join our Healing Group to enjoy the benifits of a month of healing with weekly sessions and daily energetic support.

We will have a group distant healing session each week with emailed feedback, as well as energetic boosts daily to keep us aligned in  Divine flow, surrounded and supported with healing light throughout the month.

This month we will be connecting into Divine oneness and letting the perfect Divine flow of light and healing work with us. In this space of Infinite Divine light and divine intelligence are infinite possibilites and realities, and we will be aligning to our perfect pattern of health, our divine blueprint letting all else dissolve back into that light. We will be aligning to our perfect flow daily and harmonising our being back into its perfect resonanse allowing the Divine to guide us in every way as we go through this month.

Our weekly group distant healing sessions will be on sunday at 8pm, but you can tune into that at a more suitable time for you so don't worry if can't make the set time. Sessions will last roughly 30-45mins so just take that time to relax and enjoy the Divine healing light as it flows for you and your highest good and needs.

For the daily energy boosts I will connect with the Light and ask that we are filled, surrounded and guided perfectly each day for our highest possible light, healing and blessings. 

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