Sariel Healing

Embrace your true nature

Intuitive Energy Art

My Spiritual art work is created by intuitively tuning into energy and creating what I see and feel, I use a variety of mediums including pastels, pencils, water colours and acrylic paintings.

I create each Artwork from the things I see and sense when I connect spiritually as well as personal art when I connect with others.

Personal Intuitive Art can include custom Healing pictures which tune into the specific energy vibrations, colours and beings around to bring you the healing needed. 

Chakra pictures which I create by tuning into your energy field and drawing what I see and feel in your chakras and aura, this can include any energetic helpers around you and healing energy for any issues that are shown in the chakras.

I also connect and draw guides and Angels, and I am available for custom work contact me for those.

The Spiritual Art work is available in the etsy shop