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Customer Testimonials

I highly recommend Sarah for all her services. I've had healings, readings, channeled art and I trained in Reiki 1&2 with her distantly a few years ago. I think I'd always come back to her and think all her healings are light, bright, positive and uplifting.

- Nina

I've had the pleasure of enjoying Sarah's work for many years now. There are very few people I would trust to connect to Spirit on my behalf but I am always delighted with any work she has undertaken for me. Her spiritual artwork is hung all over my walls and I couldn't be happier with the amazing energy they bring.

- Louise

"I have been to Sarah several times for healings and she has taught and attuned me for my Reiki Masters and Reiki Master teacher level. She is not only a genuine, loving soul but truly an exceptional healer. Her healings are out of this world, I have never felt so cleansed, comforted and restored as after a session with her. After every healing I feel so positive and they open up new paths to me. She is also a great teacher and I took so much from the courses. Couldn't think of anyone else I would choose to teach me the incredible healing art of Reiki. Thank you Sarah! <3 xxxx"
- Marguerite


"I have had many healings and readings from Sarah, and her connection to Spirit is amazing and her healings are beyond magical blessings.  I am grateful each and every day for all the support and guidance that I have received from Sarah.  Bless You Sarah! "
- Nancy Sue


"I've received reiki and crystal healing several times and each experience has been filled with love and light. Sarah makes you feel relaxed and comfortable creating an environment which feels safe and secure for your spiritual development and, in my case, a release of emotion! Xx."
- Laura