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Treatments Available

I work in the Vale of Glamorgan.

All Treatments are done fully clothed on a therapy bed, in a safe environment where you can completely relax and enjoy some peaceful time just for you.

Each Treatment takes about an hour with plenty of extra time for chatting about your specific needs before your session and feedback once it's finished. 

Cost is £30 

There are discounts available for block bookings - Shop

I also offer distant healing sessions for various prices


Reiki is a traditional hands on energy healing therapy. It is a very popular and effective treatment that helps to bring health and balance to mind, body and spirit. It clears old energies, emotions and Imbalances, it stimulates and aids your bodies natural healing processes so you can come back into the perfect state of health and harmony that is your natural way of being. It's wonderful for stress relief, relaxation, mental and emotional issues, physical disharmony, and to connect with and develop your spiritual awareness. It can be used safely alongside conventional medical treatments and medications.

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Reflexology is a specialised massage therapy of the feet that works to bring health throughout all aspects of your body, so it can once again work as a healthy whole. It stimulates the blood and lymph flow, the organs and systems of your body as well as the energetic pathways and centres  (the meridians and chakras) that bring energy supply and balance to your body. It is lovely deeply relaxing treatment so it is especially effective for all stress related illnesses, calming the body and mind  it helps bring your body gently back into balance and health. It is effective for may different issues physical, mental and emotional and can be used safely alongside conventional medical treatment and medication.

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Crystal Healing

Crystals have been used throughout history by many different cultures for healing. Each crystal has its own unique energy vibration that interacts and harmonises with our own. This can help us in many different ways, it helps release and heal old stuck and blocked energies, emotions and energetic patterns, rebalance our chakra system and aura, bring relaxation and peace as well as assist us in spiritual awareness and development. All that we think, feel and believe creates our own individual energy that surrounds and interacts with our physical body, so working on these allows the body the space and energy it needs to bring itself back into health, wholeness and harmony.

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Distant Treaments

Distant Healing

Distant energy healing, like Reiki, can be just as effective as an in person treatment as it works directly on the energy body. When doing a distant healing session I connect with you just as I would when doing an in person session, I then just let the Healing energy guide me.

It is wonderful for clearing away old energies, blocks and issues and anything you feel is holding you back. It can help you deal with any stress and imbalances, bringing your energies and whole being back into a better healthy flow and balance. I often work with mine, and/or your guides, angels and helpers during a session.